Our Mission


M.I.T.W! is the premier Christ oriented training and development center in the world. We are called to support people of all walks of life to realize and “live out loud” their full potential to the Glory of God and the betterment of mankind. 

Our mission is to provide resources that will aid in the development of the whole person by offering a variety of online and in person training courses and development programs. M.I.T.W. is experienced in creating customized training programs for various areas of church ministry such as but not limited to: Christian education, leadership, ministerial staff and office personnel. This makes us an excellent resource for Pastors & Church officials to partner with to provide specialized training for specific ministry needs.

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Elder Cloretta D. Chandler, Founder/Chief Executive Officer    

Learn Online

Our online learning is informational and fun. With excellent awesome quizzes where you can fill-in the blank, drag and drop matching as well as multiple choice.

Talk to Our Experts

Each instructor is a master in their field and have designed each course and syllabus for maximum learning and enrichment.

Share With Others

Join in the conversation via the group discussion and share with others.

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